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Guide for installing IPTV Smarters to your ROKU Device


1- Download Application Loader from here – Download Package

2- Installation Instructions – To Install it on  Roku device through developer mode

Please follow below steps to install ROKU channel in your ROKU device via side-loading method.

Note: This will remove any already installed side loaded channel. As at a time only ONE side loaded channel can be installed as per ROKU.


1. You should have channel package ( provided by your service provider.

2. You should have working and latest OS updated ROKU device

Step1: Enable Developer Settings on a Roku device Using your Roku remote, enter the following sequence:

IPTV Smarters pro Roku
• HOME – Three times
• UP – Two times
• RIGHT – One time
• LEFT – One time
• RIGHT – One time
• LEFT – One time
• RIGHT – One time

Make sure you do this quickly and in above order.
This will open Developer Settings screen on your ROKU device

Follow the steps provided in the following flow to enable Developer Settings:

IPTV Smarters pro Roku

Once you begin this process, the dialog will prompt you to restart the device to continue to the process.
Make sure to save the Roku device URL! You will need this again during this initial setup.
After enabling the installer and then click “I Agree”

IPTV Smarters pro Roku
The following prompt will ask to set a password for the Roku device:
This ensures your device is protected on your local area network.
IPTV Smarters pro Roku

This completes the steps for enabling Developer Settings. Continue to the next section for loading /
Installing ROKU channel onto the device.
Step2: Accessing the Development Application Installer
After rebooting your ROKU device, open a web browser and enter the Roku device URL (i.e.
Enter username ‘rokudev’ and your ‘password’ in browser pop up.

IPTV Smarters pro Roku

Once the page opens, you have successfully connected to your Roku device with Developer Settings
The main screen will show the Development Application Installer:

IPTV Smarters pro Roku

Now that you have configured and enabled Developer Settings on your Roku device,
Step3: Uploading / Installing Channel ZIP provided by Service Provider
In your browser you should able to see “Development Application Installer” as shown in above
Click on ‘Upload’ button. It will show following screen.

IPTV Smarters pro Roku

Now, go to directory where you have downloaded IPTV Smarters Package ZIP
Select that file and press “Open”.

IPTV Smarters pro Roku
Step4: Login with your Username/Password and Portal URL with Port ( Streamline username/password )

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